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On-the-go, on demand, personal cooling.

No melting, no mess—just immediate relief through hundreds of uses

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No freezer where you're going? No sweat.

With patented Recool Technology, coldfront recools within 20 minutes of each use for up to 12 hours.

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Cool break right in the middle of the day? Sure.

coldfront cools you down every 20 minutes. Your feet - and the rest of your body - will love you.

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A hint of winter at your fingertips.

Day or night, coldfront is a cool companion, and the ice pack without quit.

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Recommended by Oprah and the Washington Post

Immediate cooling relief anytime, anywhere

coldfront is the world’s first on the go and on demand personal cooling kit with patented Recool Technology. Unlike regular ice packs or gel packs, when you take coldfront out of the freezer, it stays cold for up to 12 hours without being a drippy mess.

The technology inside coldfront recools the soft palm packs within 20 minutes. Use coldfront once, twice, three times—as often as you need it, day or night. Wow! You have the flexibility of immediate cooling relief wherever you are, wherever you need it. That’s the beauty of coldfront!

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You need coldfront if...

You're feeling the burn, whether it's caused by heat or pain. coldfront is the perfect relief solution for those uncomfortably hot moments, and for burns, bumps, and boo boos. Hiking in the heat? Hot flashes? Long commute? Stubbed your toe, again? No matter where you are or who you’re with, coldfront puts you in control of your heat and pain.

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Using coldfront is easy!

Pop the entire coldfront personal cooling system into your freezer for 12 hours. Drop coldfront in your bag and take it with you. When you need cooling relief, remove a palm pack from the coldfront kit and put it wherever it makes you happy. Voila!

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