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  • coldfront provides on-the-go, on demand personal cooling for up to 12 hours away from a freezer!
  • The complete coldfront kit includes a thermally insulated case; super absorbent wicking cloth; two palm packs; and a cooling core which will keep the palm packs cold and ready to use for up to 12 hours.
  • The ballistic nylon case is thermally insulated to keep the kit cool for up to 12 hours
  • Inside the case, the core acts as the cooling source, and the two palm packs are what you use for relief.  Fort hose extra sweaty moments, the wicking cloth is highly absorbent.
  • The cooling core freezes rock solid, and is the reason why the kit can continuously recool the palm packs.
  • The palm packs fit in most hands, and are safe enough to go anywhere!
  • Reclaim your cool with coldfront
  • Whenever you need it, discreet and convenient heat relief is as close as your handbag.
  • The elegant case keeps the components contained and insulated.  The outside won't get wet, and the case has been designed to maximize comfort in the hand.
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Warranty Information

coldfront comes with a 30-day no-questions-asked guarantee.

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or drop us a line on our contact page. We want to make you happy!

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Hot flushing in the UK or EU?

Click on this link to visit our partner, Woods of Morecambe. They're brilliant!
You can also check out C&G Medicare to purchase coldfront in the EU.
Of course, we're happy to answer any questions you might have.

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Product Description

Cool, comfortable, and in control. coldfront is the world’s first on-the-go, on demand, personal cooling system with patented Recool Technology. Reusable and non-toxic, coldfront will naturally get you through hundreds of hot or painful moments without mess or drugs. From the beach to the ballroom, coldfront puts you in charge of your cool.

coldfront works as a system. Each coldfront personal cooling kitincludes an ergonomically designed case; two soft, cooling palm packs; a cooling core; and an antimicrobial wicking cloth. After 12 hours in the freezer, coldfront is ready for use. Drop it into your bag or backpack, right next to your phone or laptop - because coldfront won't be wet - and go. coldfront also makes for the perfect bedside companion, if you need cooling comfort throughout the night.

Product Videos

Octavia reacts to coldfront - Part 1 // Reclaim your cool with coldfront (00:09)
Susie, inventor of coldfront and Founder of Personally Cool Inc, met Octavia for the first time while Octavia was having a hot flash. Susie handed her coldfront, and Octavia's reaction is here! We think she liked it... Cool. Calm. Collected. coldfront®, the world's first on-the-go, on demand, personal cooling kit with patented Recool Technology. coldfront is perfect for heat and pain relief wherever you are, whenever you need it, for up to 12 hours. Reusable and non-toxic, coldfront will keep you cool through hundreds of uses. Reclaim your cool at http://www.mycoldfront.com
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