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What is coldfront?

The world's first on-the-go, on demand, personal cooling system with patented Recool Technology, coldfront relieves heat and pain without pills, mess, or inconvenience. coldfront is an easy, safe and convenient way to deal with heat intolerance or hot flashes whether chemically, surgically or naturally induced. coldfront enthusiasts tell us it's great for all types of heat relief, and even burns and boo-boos, too.

Heat or pain relief without mess, drugs or their side effects? That's cool!

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Recool Technology: cool without quit

Recool Technology ensures that the palm packs recool within 20 minutes after each use. coldfront lasts for up to 12 hours outside the freezer — whether you take it with you to work, to the playground, or just leave it next to your bed.

6:22 AM: Wake up happy and keep cool all day long. 12:34 PM: Meeting for lunch? No sweat. 5:11 PM: Your evening commute should be cool.
Recool Technology

The thermally insulated case is about the size of a sunglass case, and acts like a portable fridge — keeping in the cold.

The cooling core freezes solid and actively recools the palm packs when they are inside the kit.

The always-soft and flexible palm packs feel great on the skin and are safe to go anywhere. They last up to 10 minutes each or the average length of a hot flash, and recool within 20 minutes inside the case.

Buy Now $7990 With a 30 day money-back policy, ordering coldfront couldn't be cooler.

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Putting the coldfront kit together


Put everything in the kit.

The palm packs fit right on top of the cooling core, in the bottom pocket.

*Cloth shown in blue for effect only.


Zip it closed and place the entire kit into your freezer.

It takes 12 hours for coldfront to perform best. Longer than 12 hours is perfectly fine!


Take coldfront with you — it won't be wet from the freezer, so it can go straight into your bag. You can also leave coldfront in your freezer for whenever you need it!

Buy Now $7990

Rave Reviews

I recently started college for the first time and coldfront has allowed me to stay cool as a cucumber even when in the hot seat!


I LOVE this product!! It is convenient, discreet, and EFFECTIVE. It works fast too.


I purchased coldfront for several special occasions... found myself using this fabulous product more often than I thought! I love coldfront.